Mario Lopez is Sexy Colonel Sanders in Upcoming KFC & Lifetime Mini-Movie

2020 strikes again.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

In yet another 2020 twist that absolutely no one saw coming, Mario Lopez is set to star as KFC's Colonel Sanders in an upcoming Lifetime mini-movie called Recipe for Seduction. According to Lifetime, Recipe for Seduction, a 15-minute real movie sponsored by KFC, is about a love triangle between a young heiress, a handsome suitor, and a chef named Harland Sanders who arrives to the heiress' estate with a "secret fried chicken recipe and a dream". The movie will premiere on Lifetime on Sunday, December 13, at 12PM, and will afterwards be available on streaming platforms. Watch the trailer below:

Y'all, WHAT.

Twitter could not get enough of Mario Lopez's strange turn as a sexy Colonel Sanders with salt-and-pepper hair. One user even called it "the best thing anyone has ever come up with". Here are a few of the best tweets as Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders:

I'll be honest, I have too many questions about this mini-movie NOT to watch it. You win this time, KFC and Lifetime. I'm in.

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