Pittsburgh Ice Creamery is Releasing Flavors Inspired by 'The Office'

Kevin's Famous Chili ice cream, anyone?

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Look no further for the perfect Christmas gift for The Office superfan in your life, because Pittsburgh-based ice cream joint Sugar Spell Scoops has just released a limited series of flavors inspired by the hit show. To celebrate Christmas, Sugar Spell Scoops, Pennsylvania's first all-vegan ice cream parlor, is hosting an Office Christmas Party with pints available for pickup. The flavors include Kevin's Famous Chili, Angela's Freezer, and Stanley's Choice: Pretzel Day, and all of the pints come with iconic Office quotes on the side. See the pints below:

You can place your orders at Sugar Spell Scoop's website beginning on Wednesday, December 16 at 7PM. They will then be available for pickup on Friday, December 18 from 2-6PM, but act fast! According to Sugar Spell Scoops' Insta, they'll go pretty quick.

Happy early Christmas, and for any of my IRL friends reading this, I would absolutely not say no to a pint of the Kevin's Famous Chili ice cream.

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