Tayshia and Zac Saved 2020 with a Heartfelt Proposal on 'The Bachelorette'

Tell your man to take notes.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Get ready to believe in true love again, because Tayshia and Zac Clark just had one of the most heartfelt, genuine proposals in Bachelor history. In last night's season finale of The Bachelor, Tayshia chose Zac, an addiction specialist with a heart of gold, and was so confident in her decision that she sent her runner up, Ben, home before the rose ceremony. Tayshia and Zac had a slow-burning romance, but by the final episode, it was clear that he was the right guy for her. Tayshia and Zac had an undeniable chemistry, and their life goal of living in New York aligned. At the end of the episode, they had one of the most beautiful proposals that The Bachelorette has ever seen. Twitter user Bach Bracket called it their "favorite proposal" since Sean and Catherine, one of Bachelor Nation's biggest success stories. Take a look:

Congrats to Tayshia and Zac! True love does exist, and 2020 is saved.

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