Scarf Bombardiers Keep Bloomfield Warm

A nonprofit group tied free scarves around trees and lamp posts today near West Penn Hospital.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Us yinzers are taught for our entire lives to treat everyone like our neighbors, just as Mr. Rogers did, but today, I witnessed someone doing it. I was running through Bloomfield, near West Penn Hospital, when I noticed that scarves were tied around the lamp posts and trees lining the park area. When I investigated, I saw that all of the scarves had tags on them that read, 'SCARF BOMBARDIERS'. All the scarves were free for anyone to take.

While doing some research, I found their Facebook page and a webpage dedicated to information about their organization. Their goal is to make the world happier, one smile at a time, with scarves and uplifting posts. Additionally, in the last year alone, they distributed 1,000 scarves in Pittsburgh and 500 in Harrisburg. Here are more images from their 'event' in Bloomfield today:

Love seeing this random act of kindness! You go, Scarf Bombardiers.

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