A Pittsburgh Artist Designed the Google Doodle for MLK Day

Wilkinsburg's Noa Denmon, 25, designed the Google Doodle honoring Dr. King.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

For every holiday, Google features a fun doodle on its homepage, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day is no exception. This year's Martin Luther King Jr. Day Google Doodle was extra special, because it was created by a Pittsburgh native. Noa Denmon, a 25-year-old artist who lives in Wilkinsburg, designed this year's Google Doodle to represent the differences and similiarities in the civil rights movement in Dr. King's day and today. Denmon told the Trib:

It's been a pretty hot, politically intense year for Black people, in general. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to talk about that and think about how we're going through similar moments in our politics, right now.

Denmon created a split-piece logo with one side in black and white, which represents Dr. King's day, and one side in color, which represents the present day. The mural in her design features the Freedom Riders, an organized protest against segregation in bus terminals, and Selma, Alabama, where Dr. King marched for Black voters. Denmon said that her work was inspired by her experience as a Black woman and from the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer. She also gets inspiration from fashion and retro art. Check out her logo:

Keep making Pittsburgh proud, Noa!

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