Twitter Thinks that Katie Thurston is the Next Bachelorette

Best glow-up in Bachelor history.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Katie Thurston, AKA Vibrator Girl, has made quite the impression on Bachelor Nation. First, she took on the impossible task of overcoming the nickname Vibrator Girl by standing up to resident mean girl Queen Victoria, and now, she might be the next Bachelorette.

Reality Steve, everyone's favorite Bachelor blogger, tweeted the other night that Katie will be America's next Bachelorette. Katie, however, has denied the rumors, and Reality Steve has been wrong before. In Hannah Brown's season, he initially reported that she gave her final rose to Tyler Cameron, but she instead gave it to Jed Wyatt. He also corrected his initial tweet about Katie. Here are the tweets:

Katie then posted a picture to her Instagram story with the caption, "Reading my texts this morning like News to me". If the rumors are true, Katie has officially had the best glow-up throughout a season that Bachelor Nation has ever seen, and yes, I'm 100% watching her season.

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