Kourtney Kardashian was Trending on Twitter Today for the Funniest Reason

"They're literally sisters."

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Unpopular opinion, I know, but Kourtney Kardashian has always been my favorite Kardashian sister. I feel like she doesn't get nearly enough love as she should for her epic one-liners and weird vocal inflexion, so when I saw she was trending on Twitter today, I thought that maybe America was finally appreciating the genius that is Kourtney.

That's not the case, but, man, am I glad that I investigated.

Nothing brings me more joy than when the Kardashians mess up on social media, and today, Kim was the culprit. Kim posted a few pictures of Kourtney and herself with the caption, 'Somehow in this crazy life we found each other'.

...Kimberly, you're sisters. Of course you found each other.

Twitter gave Kim so much backlash for her Tweet that she deleted it and reposted the pictures with a different caption. See how the whole thing went down below:

Hope this brightens your Tuesday as much as it's brightened mine!

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