Peeps and Pepsi are Teaming Up to Create a Marshmallow Soda

Sadly, they're not calling it 'Peepsi'.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

This one's for you, Peeps fans! Peeps is teaming up with Pepsi to create a marshmallow flavored soda similar to vanilla Pepsi. A press release says this unique drink "combines the crisp, refreshing taste of Pepsi cola with the pillowy-soft and sweet Peeps marshmallow flavor consumers love". Unfortunately, you can't buy the limited-edition drink, but you can win it in a social media contest. Pepsi wants to see how you're #HangingWithYourPeeps this spring, so post a pic, tag them, and you could win your own cans of PEPSIxPEEPS. Check it out:

I'm not a big fan of Pepsi or Peeps so this drink is definitely not my *thing*, but if it's yours, go for it!

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