Vote for Pittsburgh Pups in the 2021 American Humane Hero Dog Awards!

Clover, Carmel, and Beauty have all been nominated for Top Hero Dog!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

In today's cutest news, three Pittsburgh pups have been nominated for Top Hero Dog in American Humane's annual Hero Dog Award, a competition that recognizes "heroes on both ends of the leash". More than 400 dogs around the country have been nominated in seven categories, including military dogs, shelter dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, law enforcement or detection dogs, guide or hearing dogs, and search-and-rescue dogs. Our Pittsburgh dogs have been nominated in the service category, the guide and hearing category, and the shelter category.

First, Clover, a service dog, has been helping her owner with sensory processing disorder and other autism-related diabilities for two years, and, according to her owner, she is a "bright presence for everyone she meets". Her owner also said that Clover has helped her become more independent.

Second, Carmel, a guide dog, does whatever she needs to do to help her owner with serious vision issues get around safely. Carmel's owner called her an "angel with paws".

Last, Beauty, the most famous of the bunch, educates people around Pittsburgh about pit bulls and has been in several parardes around the city. She helped raise over $2,000 for Race for the Cure as their mascot and, according to her owner, loves "everyone she meets".

The good news is, since all of these dogs are different categories, you can vote for ALL OF THEM! Vote here, and congrats to Clover, Carmel, and Beauty!

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