Vote for Western PA Pets to Become the Next Cadbury Bunny

In the contest to become the next Cadbury Bunny, two Western PA pets have made it to the final ten.

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Photo: Getty Images

The search is on for the next Cadbury Bunny, and two pets from Western PA have made it to the final ten. They're both adorable, but only one of them can be the next Cadbury Bunny. Which will it be? That's up to you.

First we have Skeeter, a chatty Pacific Parrotlet from Pittsburgh. Skeeter is the color of a blue marshmallow peep but apparently has the personality of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Next we have Reese, a one-of-a-kind dog with coat the color of Cadbury chocolate from Hermitage. In his spare time, Reese models to raise money for animal rescue through various organizations.

So, which will it be, Chatty Skeeter or charitable Reese? Support Pittsburgh pets and vote for one of them here.

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