YouTuber Defunctland Exposes the Scandalous History of Kennywood’s Old Mill

Mom, did you know about this?

Kennywood Park

Photo: Getty Images

If, like me, you had no idea about the scandalous reputation of Kennywood's Old Mill ride, strap in. You're in for a wild ride. 

Pittsburgh is the topic of one of the most popular videos on YouTube right now. Popular YouTuber Defunctland did a deep dive on the history of Kennywood's Old Mill, and wow. There's a lot to unpack. To prepare for his video, Defunctland asked his followers if they had ever done anything inappropriate on the Old Mill ride. He simply wanted a yes or no answer, but he received many emails and shared some of them in his video.

To quote Defunctland, yinz are nasty. 

One person had to watch a couple make out in front of them with their dad. Another person's cousin was conceived in one of the dark scenes of Garfield's Nightmare. The whole video is interesting, but the confessions are around the 24:00-26:00 minute mark. There is inappropriate content ahead, but all bad words and explicit content is blurred out. 

I haven't been to Kennywood since I was in junior high, but I had no idea these kinds of things happened in the Old Mill! Can't you just wait until you get home? Consider my faith in humanity lost. 

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