Ally Bear Interviews Jax!

Watch Ally and Jax hang out! Plus, Jax gives us an exclusive performance of her hit "Victoria's Secret".

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - August 17, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

I got to hang out with Jax the other day and I'm totally convinced that she's the coolest human being ever.

Over the past year, Jax has blown up on TikTok with her authentic personality and songwriting prowess. She went viral just recently with her hit "Victoria's Secret", and now we're playing it on 96.1 Kiss. I had a lot of questions for her, and she was so kind while answering them. She even gave us an exclusive performance of "Victoria's Secret"! Watch her performance and our conversation below:

Jax, please come back and hang out with us anytime!

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