There's Plans for a 360° Infinity Pool - Nope!

Okay, before I tell you anything about this thing... check out this artist rendering.

Crazy, right?

A company called Compass Pools has plans for a 158 gallon infinity pool... on top of a 55 story hotel to be build in London. Yup - just as incredible as it sounds. Oh, and the hotel will be aptly named "Infinity London."

The company plans to keep the view and sides of the pool pristine - so there isn't even a ladder to get into the thing! Alex Kemsley is the designer/technical director of the project, explaining: "Normally a simple ladder would suffice, but we didn’t want stairs on the outside of the building or in the pool as it would spoil the view." So... now what? It gets crazier...

They're planning a rotating spiral staircase that will rise up from the floor of the pool whenever someone wants to get in or out. “You have to imagine a tube in a tube," Kemsley says. "The first tube is to ‘cut a path’ through the water and create an air lock. The second to deliver the staircase up to water level. The engineering is complex but delivers the seamless look.”

They haven't determined where in London the hotel/pool will be built yet - but rest assured it'll be a big event when it's unveiled.

You can check out all the details HERE, courtesy of Compass Pools UK.

An artists rendering of the view from inside the pool.

An artists rendering of the view from inside the pool.

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