How to take a flight on the Star Wars United plane

Disclaimer: I have seen exactly 4 minutes of all Star Wars movies combined... so some of this may not be the proper lingo, but I gotta let you know about this! And by exactly 4 minutes, I mean that is a very generous guesstimate.

United Airlines has a new Star Wars plane! The outside is painted. The inside is decorated. Stormtroopers are showing up. They're really going all out.

There's a dark side and a light side. There are Resistance and First Order symbols. There are even some goodie bags.

The best part: It's not a totttal trick! You can actually book this plane for a semi-normal flight. I mean, nothing is normal about stormtroopers jumping on board with you, but booking it is! You just have to search United for the tail number, which is N36272! The issue here is- I have no idea how to book that way lol I think it's luck of the draw and seeing where the plane has been and taking a gamble? If you know the secret, please share!

See below for the photos of the plane and their new safety video, and click here for more info from United!

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