Glen Powell Tells Crazy Story About A Date His Sister's Friend Went On

Glen Powell recently went on Jake Shane's Therapuss podcast and revealed something crazy!

During the podcast, Powell recalled how his sister's friend accidently went on a date with a man who happened to be a cannibal. LIKE WHAT!! Powell said:

"They have a great night, and she goes back to his apartment that night and he's like, "Hey, can I give you a massage?'," Powell recalled. "So, he starts massaging her shoulders. Everything just feelin' odd. She's like, 'I gotta get out of here.' It's a little weird, he's like, 'No, no. Please don't leave. I'm sorry.' She leaves."

Powell continued and said that the next day her skin was "itching like crazy" so she went to the doctors to see what was wrong. The doctor ended up telling her that the man she went on a date with used a lotion from the black market that "breaks down human flesh for consumption." How scary!! Powell said:

"The doctor is like, 'You have to give me this person's address and you should call the police,"' Powell claimed. "They go to this guy's house, and he had several girls' bodies in the house.

This story is insane and you can watch the full interview here.

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