Selena Gomez Talks New Album, "Look At Her Now" and More With JoJo Wright!

Selena Gomez is BACK - but you knew that if you've been anywhere on the internet over the past couple days. The "Hands To Myself" artist dropped her comeback single "Lose You To Love Me" yesterday (October 23rd) at midnight and surprised music fans everywhere by dropping another song "Look At Her Now" at the stroke of midnight tonight! Gomez joined JoJo Wright live in-studio to premiere both new tracks, give insight into the story she's trying to tell with new music and more!

Selena shared that "Lose You To Love Me" was actually written a year ago, but she wasn't ready emotionally to show it's contents with the world. She described it as a "true depiction" of her experiences at the time.

It is pretty self explanatory. I wrote this song a year ago and I don't think I even remotely would have been able to release it then. I loved it - it was a very true depiction of what I walked through. It would be stupid of me if I didn't acknowledge that. 'Cause it's how I I'm not gonna pretend that it's all good when it wasn't. Now I got to share another side of me...I'm gonna tell you how I felt, and then I'm gonna tell you how I feel now. And those are two different things.

If "Lose You To Love Me" is a snapshot of her emotional state back then, her latest track "Look At Her Now" provides listeners with a current state of affairs. It bookends this last chapter of the "Same Old Love" artist's life and also frees her to move forward into the next. The song is also meant to serve as a 'thank you' message to the fans, who Selena appreciates for standing by her side and checking on her well-being.

So initially we were just releasing 'Lose You To Love Me,' but I felt like I had been closing this chapter of my life for years. And I wanted 'Look At Her Now' to be immediately after and initially I just did it for my fans...I wanted to let them know that I was okay. And that I appreciate them standing by my side for all of it. You end up having such a close relationship with your fans through social media it's insane. That's something that I wanted them to know. Yeah, I'm gonna share everything I felt...but I'm excited. Because this is where it's taken me. And how I view those two songs are just the end. And then the rest is just me.

You might not believe it, but the music videos for both songs were shot on an iPhone! Selena described the experience as a little "weird" being that she's used to a bigger technical production, but in the end it added to the intended intimate atmosphere of the projects.

That was so surreal...cause I was like how's this gonna work. And then watching is insane and it just keeps getting better, which is frightening. I thought it was so neat. I'm like around all these people and there's this tiny, tiny phone filming me while I'm singing. I'm like, 'this feels like I'm doing it at my house.' It's kind of the idea of me almost in a confessional...and that was the whole point was to share every emotion that I felt and how I feel.

As for what's coming next - Gomez shared that her next album is completely finished. Watch their full conversation above.

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