Gianna Richason of Hempfield Area High School

Congrats to Gianna Richason of Hempfield Area High School. She is our next recipient of the Mikey and Bob's Spectacular Super Special Stand Out Student Award presented by UPMC! Check out photos from the event!

Nomination Letter

I can't think of a better word to describe this student other than SUPER. Gianna Richason is a junior at Hempfield Area High School and is incredibly mature, passionate, and kind. She started volunteering with my nonprofit, Beverly's Birthdays, last year and has truly been such an asset to our organization. So much so, that we hired her this summer -- so much talent for such a young age. At our annual gala, she was in charge of one of our side fundraisers, Hope on a Hanger, and her commitment and energy brought in $6,000 at the event. She has rallied her friends to support our mission and she has truly been such a wonderful addition to our team. Her inquisitive nature has her always asking questions -- she truly has such a desire to learn, better herself, and help others. In June she came into my office and said "Megs, I have an idea. I think other 16-year-olds need to see inspiration and role-models. Social media can be so overwhelming, but there are so many people who are doing great things and I want to show my peers they too can create change. I decided to mail 100 non-profit founders/activists/change-makers a personal letter asking if I can take (in-person or virtually) for coffee and ask them about their life. Can you be my first interview?" And with that, her blog and passion project, Grounds of Change was born. She has interviewed so many great change-makers and her goal is to complete the 100 by May 2020. I am so honored and inspired to know "G" - she is a DYNAMITE and has such a BRIGHT future.
Gianna Richason of Hempfield Area High School

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