The Witcher fans have a petition to play “Toss a Coin” at the Super Bowl!

The long-anticipated Netflix series “The Witcher” was released just about a month ago and although many have already binged it, the show’s now-viral song “Toss A Coin” has taken up residence in many of the viewer heads..including MINE! I first fell in love with Geralt of Rivia playing Witcher 3, arguably the best video game EVER MADE! Then I read the books, so when I heard about this netflix series I was ecstatic! Here's a clip of the scene for a refresher.. dang..Jaskier didn't have to bring it, but he did, and for that i'm grateful.

Now fans have created a petition to get the song played at the Super Bowl. At one point this may have been a farce but you may remember that this time last year there was a petition going around to get Spongebob featured in the Super Bowl in honor of the late Stephen Hillenburg, and it actually worked! So why not? I'm sure J-Lo and Shakira wouldn't mind! 

Here’s the link to sign the petition:

And this petition isn’t completely random…the fantasy drama's lead, Henry Cavill, is apparently a big Chiefs' fan. So what a nice way to celebrate the honorable White Wolf! ....And for the fans like me who just can’t get the song out of your head, here’s one of my favorite covers of the song. So toss a signature to your Witcher, oh internet of plenty!

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