Furries Save Woman from Domestic Violence Incident

Most Pittsburghers are WELL AWARE of the Anthrocon convention that comes into town every year. The convention has been around since 1997 and is one of the, if not the largest furry gatherings in the world. A couple members of this furry culture made headlines last week.

According to CNN, members attending a furry convention in California a week ago restrained a man who was assaulting his girlfriend until police arrived to arrest him. (on twitter it says she was an Uber driver, so the relationship between the man and the women are unknown)

Apparently, a couple of furries were outside smoking (side note: That’s pretty bold, I feel like it has to be a fire hazard to smoke in a furry costume) when a blue car slammed on it's brakes in front of them. They could hear a woman screaming and they could see a man was physically assaulting her in return. They quickly sprang into action, pulling the man out of the car and restraining him until the police arrived.

As you can see in @robbiesets’ tweet, it looks like a pink kangaroo and maybe a Hello Kitty are seen holding down the man. I love stories of strangers helping strangers and this one take the cake. Not to mention, the victim didn’t sustain any major injuries.

So when the Anthrocon Convention comes back into town for it's 24th year this summer (July 2nd-July 5th) try to be welcoming. Heck; buy um a beer! They may just save you in an emergency. In fact, they raise a ton of money for local charities every year. Here’s a list of the money they have raised the past 10 years.

2019 - $45,852 for PEARL Parrot Rescue

2018 - $42,051 for South Hills Pet Rescue

2017 - $37,598 for Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary

2016 - $32,579 for The Pittsburgh Zoo

2015 - $35,910 for The Western PA Humane Society

2014 - $32,372 for The National Aviary

2013 - $31,255 for Equine Angels Rescue

2012 - $20,656 for Hello Bully

2011 - $11,522 for the Toonseum

2010 - $12,849 for Fayette Friends of Animals

For information on charity contributions prior to 2010 and other information check out the Anthrocon website: https://www.anthrocon.org/

photos courtesy of Getty Images

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