K-Swiss cooked up a 'Breaking Bad' Sneaker Line

In October of 2019, K-Swiss released a limited-edition 'Breaking Bad' inspired sneaker. It was such a success that K-Swiss is back at with the release of an entire shoe line inspired by the AMC drug-running TV series starring Bryan Cranston. Check out this promo.

The first design mimics the look of the classic RV Walter White and Jesse Pinkman used in the beginning for their nefarious wholesaler journey. The K-SWISS Classic 2000 X Breaking Bad has a vintage off-white base color of the shoe, featuring a 5-tonal strip on the side of the shoe very similar to the strip on the RV. They have a male and female version.

The other two Classic 2000 X Breaking Bad shoes play on the hazmat suits Jessie and Walter used. They even have Zippers and a perfect message written on the bottom of the shoe...."HEISENBERG"

These shoes are on sale now and all are under 100 bucks. Not bad! Not sure if bright yellow and orange are my colors, but let's give it a try!

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