According to his widow, Fred Rogers found joy in farting in public.

Joanne Rogers, wife of the late Fred Rogers was happy to hear from the producers of " A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood". They wanted her blessing to make the film, which she did give. But, she had one request when portraying her husband and that was to "not make him look like a saint."

In fact, after befriending LA Times writer, Amy Kaufman Joanne spilled some tea on her husband.

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As a Pittsburgher, I thought I knew it all about our beloved Mr. Rogers but this fact about him just makes me love him more. According to Amy Kaufman, a staff writer at the LA Times, Joanne Rogers told her that Mr. Rogers loved to fart in public. “He would just raise one cheek and he would look at me and smile,” she said.

Fred Rogers particularly liked to do it at boring public events to make his wife laugh. I never knew that this is what I wanted in a relationship..but GOALS..Am I right?

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