Here are some podcasts to listen to while at home this week.

Lots of homebodies this week due to the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus. From now on, many events involving large groups will be put on hold and replaced with time at home. This is a good thing, we are all doing our part. Let's use this time to catch up on or even discover new podcasts. To be honest my mood has been all over the place; I want to be informed, entertained, distracted, and, notified all at once. You feel me? Here's a Smorgasbord of podcasts for all tastes.

Get distracted with horribly bad movies

Listen to How Did This Get Made?

As a film student, this podcast is a great time-killer. These hilarous podcast hosts watch a bad movie and discuss it on a podcast. This is what I do. 1. Pick an episode 2. go watch the movie they discuss 3. THEN listen to the episode on the horrible movie you just watched. 4. ENJOY!

Do you want to stay informed on Coronavirus?

Listen to Coronavirus Fact vs Fiction

This is a daily podcast that shares a small dose of the latest headlines without muddling it up with opinions. I like that it's never over 10 minutes long.

Want to cope with dark humor?

Listen to My Favorite Murder

These two California ladies sit down each week and tell a story about a murder with stories of recent anxieties and fun banter in between. I like that they make jokes, but always respect the victims and families.

Is the Economy on your mind?

Listen to Planet Money.

This is my favorite podcast ever made. It’s the fun way to learn about our economy and how it behaves. Like the description says imagine you were sitting at the bar with your friend and she was telling you about economics. That’s what it’s like.

Want to learn about the alleged true crime antics and criminal connections of musicians we love?

Listen to Disgraceland.

I’m obsessed with this one. If your in the mood for something juicy, I can always count on a scandalous story told on this podcast.

Want to learn?

Listen to Stuff You Should Know Podcast.

This is the most relaxed podcast, where you casually learn about the most random topics imagined. No joke, I just listened to one that was all about cake! It’s a science, you know.

Have a morbid curiosity?

Listen to this Podcast will Kill you.

When I say there’s a podcast on everything, I’m not kidding. This podcast solely explores a different type of disease from its origin, how it works, and what you need to know about it while in everyday life. Episode 43 is on Coronavirus.

Feeling a health kick?

Listen to The Jillian Michaels Show

Jillian Michaels hosts leading health experts on her show exploring all types of topics from wellness to motivation. I personally listen because I think Jillian is a no excuses type person who doesn’t take anything.

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