Miley Cyrus confirms in interview she is 6 months Sober

Miley revealed in a Variety interview that she has stayed away from the bottle and the ganja for the past 6 months. According to the interview, she had many epiphanies in therapy around her and her parents upbringing and the unhealthy vices she used to cope.

During the lockdown, Miley even hosted a livestream on instagram with her psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, who has helped her overcome her anxiety and encouraged her to live a healthier life.

To an extent, I think we all have this moment in life; some earlier than others. We start to evaluate the things we do (unhealthy or not) and why we do them subconsciously. I’m just happy to see Miley growing and commend her for sharing her journey with her fans. It’s not easy growing up in the spotlight.

This is a quote from Miley when asked why sobriety has been important to her: “It’s been really important for me over the last year living a sober lifestyle, because I really wanted to polish up my craft.”

And I can’t wait to hear that craft!

Thumbnail Photo: (Getty Images)

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