Unsolved Mysteries is back! Netflix releases volume 1 of the new reboot

Not sure if it was the same in your household, but who else grew up listening to the soothing sounds of Robert Stack on Unsolved yserties Robert Stack telling stories that surely kept you up all night? Leaving the cheesy, sensationalistic style in the past, netflix reimagines Unsolved Mysteries.

Finally, we get to put on our armchair detective hat on once again because Netflix has just premiered Unsolved Mysteries new reboot. The format has changed a bit, you still get the classic theme song (or something like it) but no host. Who could live up to Robert Stack anyways?

But, imagine the power of this show in the golden age of the internet. The old show actually led to 260 resolved cases; about 34% of the mysteries they aired were solved. So get to bingeing and sleuthing, we have mysteries to solve!