Dancing with the Stars wants Tiger King's Carole Baskin to compete on show

Some say she's Tiger King's protagonist but most say she's Tiger King's antagonist, we all have heard of her whether we wanted to or not, ladies and gentleman...Carol Baskins

This woman is such an anomaly, she high on the list of ladies on the internet that receive a deluge of hate everyday, but she somehow is riding this hate out into a pretty decent career. She acquired one of Joe Exotic's former zoos, she's doing rounds of press interviews like it's cardio, and now she is in talks to be on Dancing with the Stars. It's really starting to feel like we all accidentally slipped into an alternate reality. If this happens, we have officially lost it as a society.

If you need a reminder why this is insanity this podcast is a great recap of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskins, and the mess around their lives. I also put a montage of the Carole Baskin Tik Tok dance because that's fun for me.

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