Wendy’s is giving away their new Chicken Sandwich...here’s how to get it!

Popeyes changed the chicken sandwich game ever since they introduced their legendary chicken sandwich that broke the internet. Since then,other fast food chains have scrambled to keep up with the hype. First McDonald’s and now twitter’s biggest heckler Wendy’s,trying to compete by giving you your first new chicken sandwich free!

From now til November 8th, Wendy’s is giving you a free classic chicken sandwich with any purchase while going through the drive-thru or using the mobile app. And, if you play your cards right you can get 2 free sandwiches. Each person can get up to one free sandwich per week.

This new sandwich replaces Wendy’s homestyle Chicken Sandwich. Wendy’s says they wanted something that’s more juicer and crispier, but we all know this is to compete with Popeyes. Can’t say I blame them.