Check out Amazon's Smart Shopping "Buggy"

Check out this video of inside the Amazon Fresh Grocery store in Woodland Hills in Los Angeles! Is this the new way to shop?

Hey, no more kids in the cart I guess. However, I can respect this new spin on grocery stores even if it does feel like Amazon is showing up everywhere. We've known for a while that Amazon has been diversifying it's industries for a couple years now. It just came out today that they will be launching an online pharmacy through Amazon Care and its acquisition of PillPack Here are a couple more examples of companies they have acquired over the years:

  • Twitch, Acquired in 2014 (Live-streaming)
  • Annapurna Labs, Acquired in 2015 (Microelectronics)
  • Ring, Acquired in 2018 (Microelectronics)
  • Health Navigator, Acquired in Oct 2019 (Health Insurance)
  • Annapurna Labs, Acquired in 2015 (Microelectronics)
  • Whole Foods, Acquired in 2017 (Grocery)
  • Pill Pack, Acquired in 2018 (Pharmaceutical services)

These are only mere examples off of a list with over 100 companies. What do you think? Does this make you excited, a bit uncomfortable, or both?