A Timeline of all the Monoliths Appearing around the World..even Pittsburgh

The first space-odyssey looking monolith was discovered by a helicopter crew counting bighorn sheep in Utah's Red Rock County on November 18th. The Utah Department of Public Safety shared the weird find on their facebook page and the fanfaire began.

A couple reddit sleuths found out the position and claims it can be seen by satellite images as early as 2015. The internet just goes crazy over this thing.

On November 27th, it vanished!! Well... it was removed and turns out, the people who dismantled it had a good reason to. Here's the explanation..

However, on the same day of the removal of the Utah monolith a second one appeared!!! This time it was in Romania!

And just like that they started popping up like a frenzy! The next day, Dec 2, another one. This time in California!

However, it seems that every time one is discovered it's demise soon follows.

Hoping this one doesn't go anywhere! Here's my favorite monolith so far!

This one seems to be a fun stunt by the owners but how do we explain the others? There a couple of theories..

  1. Utah's Red Rock County was used to film Westworld and was a leftover prop.
  2. A marketing ploy.
  3. ALIENS!
  4. An international art project or a lone artist with a bunch of copycats

#4 is the most popular theory (I really wanted it to be #3). As for the artists, nobody has claimed them. I want to think that someone was at home fed up with all the negative talk going on in the news and wanted people to take a break and focus on a shiny metal object mystery. In my case, it worked.

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