Listen to this "Wellerman" cover written to the r/wallstreetbets bros

So you all know the unifying GameStock madness that took over the week's news. I won't bore you with a retelling. I have been enjoying the memes all week but now there's a song that tells the tale...and it's brilliant! It's written about and to the r/wallstreetbets bros.

A couple of things you should know...

The song refers to a Tendieman. Tendie-man is a guy who brings you chicken tenders......which are called tendies...which is actually a metaphor for receiving a return on investment on a stock. I can't make this up.

There's also the emoji of a diamond and hands used often called "Diamond Hands". That refers to a person who buys a stock, and holds onto it no matter the fluctuation in the market.

I just love the idea of a teacher 50 years from now trying to explain "Tendieman" to the class.

If you want a really great breakdown of what happened this week. This podcast does a great job of breaking down complicated ideas into easy to understand concepts...not to mention it's super entertaining.

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