Listen to Taylor Swift's Re-recording of "Love Story"

So obviously Taylor swift has had a rocky time trying to regain the rights to her music. After a lot of negotiating and drama (most of it not stemming from her but outside sources), she has decided to re-record all her albums to obtain the rights to them. GET THAT MONEY.

She's starting with the most awarded country album of all time, "Fearless" which was released November 11, 2008. I was 13 years old when this album came out and it was everything I needed as a love-crazed, melancholy, teenager. And she was kind enough to release Love Story a little early, just in time for Valentine's Day. Here it is. Take in it and all of its glory.

Here's what we know so far about the full album:

"Fearless Taylor's Version" will include 26 songs, 6 of them were never heard before songs from the vault. These were songs considered for the album but didn't make it in when they were written by her back in 2008. Here's Taylors tweet explaining it for herself. You may notice there are random capitalizations everywhere... but if you know Taylor Swift then you know there's nothing "Random" about her or her process. The capitalizations spell out April 9th so I think we can all assume that's the release date.

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