Croc's newest collaboration is Bringing us Stiletto Crocs

Crocs truly have made a comeback from a silly early 2000 fad to a staple in many homes by 2020. They are known for comfort but their latest collaboration doesn't focus on that aspect. In collaboration with Balenciaga, introducing the Croc Stiletto:

This is the second time Balenciaga has collaborated with Crocs. You may remember their first collaboration, the platform croc was born.

The platform crocs originally sold out at $750.00 a pair. The new Stiletto Crocs cost $850.00. I've never spent over 200 dollars on shoes and I don't think I'll be rushing to change that anytime soon. But, that doesn't mean I haven't loved past collaborations.

Much of Croc's success can be attributed to the company not taking themselves too seriously and of course, the crazy collaborations they've taken on. Here are some of my favorites.

KFC Crocs that included a chicken-scented drumstick charm on top!

Justin Bieber and Ryan Good's Streetwear brand Drew House collaborated with Crocs to make Drew Crocs

The Alife Sock Crocs. That's right, Alife took it to a whole new level with a Croc attached to a sock.

Starwars Crocs!

Post Malone Crocs

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