#MostRequestedLive Interview: Tate McRae

This weekend we're stoked to have Tate McRae join us! Tate checked in with Maxwell via Zoom to talk about what she's been up to, how it feels to have her song so high up on the charts, her expectations for going back out on the road post-pandemic, new music and lots more. Check out the highlights and then watch the full interview below or at our IGTV!

On what it feels like to see her song so high on the charts:

"It's bonkers. I think I saw it spent over 200 days on the Spotify top whatever... It blows my mind because it was just such a personal little song I wrote. I didn't think anything of it when I released it. Then it just went bonkers and it was pretty insane to watch it do that."

On the inspiration for her music:

"I got so much on my brain, I have so much to write about.. legit. As a high school student, obviously, there's so much to talk about. That's the shi**y part about being in a pandemic, is that you can't be in a situation where anything happens. I'm not gonna write about my brother or my parents, that's weird. I think I definitely pull from real life feelings, even if I take a small feeling and blow it up into something that is like, a whole new story. It's still all genuine and real feelings that I felt at one point, even when I was twelve, I'll pull it from then."

On her expectations for going back out on tour post-pandemic:

"I just want people to be safe right now so we can go out and have these sick ass concerts. I just want that to happen. I'm so excited to get back on tour. I've released so much more music since my last tour that I really love, and it's gonna be so fun to play. I need to see people again. I need to see my supporters in real life."

Watch the video for Tate McRae's breakout hit, "You Broke Me First," below.