Brian Borres, CEO, Fire Pitt Pizza - Blaze Pizza

Brian Borres is an entrepreneur, restauranteur, and Partner/ Executive Vice President of Fire Pitt Pizza in the western half of Pa. Brian is the franchisee of Blaze Pizza, a Los Angeles based fast casual pizza restaurant now operating in all of the United States and globally. Brian is a long time veteran of the industry with experience in all segments from chef driven fine dining through the fast casual experience. Educated with a discipline in finance, Brian has taken a different approach in developing restaurant companies based on years of experience in the corporate environment learning under great leaders such as Sally Smith, Carl Howard, and Modesto Alcala. In a quote to a leadership forum Brian explained, “We need to look at what everyone else is doing and then do the opposite. We have to be bold and we have to be individuals. While we do this, we have to not take the business out of the restaurant business and educated our teams in strong financial management and systems control.”

Brian joined Fire Pitt Pizza in 2019 with the goal of growing the Blaze brand through Western Pennsylvania. Brian and his partners are also looking at development of a new concept that matches the needs to todays guest and dining environment and are hoping to have a prototype developed in 2020.