Answering Your DMs: Dating Insecurities


Hi guys! Tanya Rad here answering your DMs again. This week's question? “Sometimes I feel like no guy will ever give back what I give. Help! What’s wrong w/ me?”

First off, I want to say there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! I know I don’t know you, but let’s just be real about 1 thing for a minute: We all have issues; We all have flaws; And no one is perfect! So there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you. ... You just haven’t found your match yet – and that’s perfectly fine.

Something I say to myself regularly is “it’s not about getting it first – it’s about getting it right.”

That is what dating is… trial and error and learning and discovering what you deserve and want in a partner. I think it’s great that you already know what you want and deserve.

That being said, you are never going to find a partner that is 100% exactly what you want and all relationships require work and compromise… but I also fully believe that you will find the person that gives you the love you want back in return!

Don’t give up hope, don’t lose faith ... and keep on TRUCKIN GIRL!!! YOU GOT THIS!

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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