Sisanie’s Money Saving Hack You Need to Know This Winter!

If you have an older home with original windows, you can relate! Sisanie is teaming up with Home Depot in the latest Off-Air With Sisanie and winterizing her windows to save on energy costs and increase the comfort of her home.

Sis shares in the latest Off-Air With Sisanie above that she and her husband, Michael, remodeled their home when they first bought it, but kept a few rooms and windows as is. Given the front rooms have the original single pane windows, it’s either hottest in summer or coldest in winter.

The twins nursery is also affected by the lack of insulation, and rightfully so, Sis doesn’t feel comfortable blasting the heat this winter.

“We don’t want to use a space heater in the kids’ nursery because it freaks me out,” she explained, before heading to to check out all the affordable options.

Watch back the episode above to learn how you too can winterize your windows — even has video tutorials! — and save money!

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