Flat-Earther Survives Homemade Rocket Launch

“Mad” Mike Hughes believes that the Earth is flat, but instead of lazily posting conspiracy theory YouTube videos like most flat-earthers around the globe, he is out there trying to prove that the planet is not a sphere.

Mr. Hughes built his own homemade rocket to blast into the sky and attempt to see for himself that the Earth is flat. On Saturday, Mad Mike and his rocket were launched an impressive 1,875-feet into the air.


As all great scientists would, Mad Mike will attempt another test that will take him far, far higher than 1,875-feet. Hughes said he next wants to build a “Rockoon,” an aircraft that is half rocket, half balloon. The rocket will be carried into the atmosphere by a balloon, then the rocket will blast off and reach an altitude of about 68 miles. The Karman line, which “commonly represents the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space,” is 62 miles into the atmosphere.



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