Niall Horan Opens Up About "Mild OCD" Diagnosis

Niall Horan revealed years ago that he suffers from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), but never really said much more than that. In a recent interview, he opened up about the ways the disorder affects his daily life...

The 24-year-old “Slow Hands” singer chatted with German magazine ZEIT LEO (via) about his ticks and how he handles it.

“I have mild obsessive compulsive disorder, that’s what doctors call it,” he shares. “That is, I feel like I have to do things in a certain way. For example, if I have a burger with chips on my plate, I always have to eat the chips first and only pick up the burger at the very end.” By the way, when he says "chips" he means fries (wacky Brits!).

Niall also revealed that he has certain ritual he goes through on stage before his concerts.

“I have one fixed sequence. I always have to sing in the same order, move and so on,” he adds. “I’ll basically do everything immediately, otherwise I’ll get nervous quickly. That’s why in school I learned to start studying for tests very early. Otherwise I’d be afraid of the pressure.”

Niall also admits that his “ticks” have caused him to have a hard time in the past, he’s accepted them for what they are.

“I live with them and they’re mine no matter what others think about it,” Niall says. “I’m just like — what the hell! Fortunately, I now have enough people around me who understand me.”



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