Craft Beer Jacuzzis Exist

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Wellness experts will try to sell you just about anything under the guise of it being "beneficial to your health." A new trend has arisen among those with unlimited income, and it involves bathing in alcohol for health benefits.

You'd have to travel to Japan for this treatment. Travel and Leisure did exactly that by making a pilgrimage to Misugi Resort in the Kansai region of the country, a destination that specializes in offering guests tranquil and restorative experiences in a wide variety of forms. A beer bath is one of them...

美杉リゾート大浴場片側リニューアルが完了しました! 今回の目玉はなんといってもビール風呂です! 火の谷温泉×火の谷ビールのコラボ風呂です。 おそらくビールと温泉の組み合わせは日本初?! 一定の間隔で伊賀焼の樽風呂にビールが流れ込みます。 それ以外にも美杉のヒノキを贅沢に使ったヒノキ風呂や、 かつて活火山だった大洞山の火山岩を使った露天風呂などなど。 詳しくはホームページをご覧ください! ※片側のリニューアルでございます。 1日ごとに男女の入れ替えがございます。 日帰り入浴でいらっしゃる方は事前にお問い合わせください。 ※温泉で希釈されているためアルコール度数は0.03%未満ですが、 未成年者の方、妊婦の方、麦などアレルギーのある方のご利用はお控えください。 ■大浴場片側リニューアルご案内ページ #美杉リゾート #火の谷温泉 #火の谷ビール #ビール風呂 #misugiresort #hinotanionsen

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The brew itself— dubbed “Ninja Beer”— is made with locally sourced rice and grains and brewed with water from nearby natural springs, which mean’s it’s probably coming to a Whole Foods near you at some point.

According to the resort’s co-owner and brewmaster Youki Nakagawa, the beer treatment has benefits such as these:

“The yeast in the beer gives you very smooth skin and the hops have an antibacterial power that is also good for your skin. On top of that, the C02 in the beer is good for blood circulation.”



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