'The Lion King' Deepfake Gives You The Best Of Both Movies

A 'deepfake' is a relatively new term to the tech vernacular. It utilizes advanced software technology to, in essence, "steal your face" and place it on another person. Or in this case, another animal.

Using deepfake technology, two artists collaborated on a project that lent some of the charm from the original Lion King movie to the new version of the film. The results are pretty awesome.

The technology behind deepfaking is absolutely terrifying. If malevolently used, it can essentially be used to put words in someone's mouth without them actually saying the words. Furthermore, it can be used to steal a person's identity. Just watch how subtly this deepfake of Bill Hader doing an impression of Tom Cruise is...

While sure, it's really entertaining, it's also pretty scary. The technology behind deepfakes continues to improve, and it's only a matter of time before it's used to spread harmful disinformation to the public. 

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