New Scientific Study Says Aliens Have Already Been To Earth

For as long as humans have been looking up at the night time stars, they've wondered "is there life out there and where are they?" Well, a team of scientists launched a study in an attempt to answer that age-old question about why extraterrestrial haven’t found us yet, and their answer is: Alien civilizations have already visited Earth.

The latest study updates the paradox developed by Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi in the 1950s, and their answer is that aliens have already visited Earth. In a new study published in the Astronomical Journal, scientists lay out a theory that alien civilizations have already been to our planet.

Basically, alien life forms visited our planet millions, maybe even billions of years ago... they found no intelligent life, and left in search of other living creatures in the galaxy. And chances are we may never make contact with another intelligent life form as long as the human civilization exists, because our galaxies are constantly moving and drifting away from one another. But there's an off-chance we could orbit close enough to another galaxy to make contact.

Researchers have a theory that extraterrestrial are waiting to visit planets and solar systems that orbit close to them. Considering that our solar system takes 230 million years to complete one orbit around the Milky Way, the aliens might be waiting until we come back around again and we’re close enough to explore.

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