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Medical Condition Causes Man To Get Drunk Without Drinking Any Alcohol

Imagine every time you ate something you got drunk because somehow your body turn carbs into alcohol. That was the case for a 46 year old man who suffered from a condition know as Auto Brewery Syndrome...

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The man found himself arrested and in the hospital with a blood alcohol level of about .20 (which is the equivalent of about 8 to 14 drinks, depending on body size) but he hadn't tasted a drop of booze! Hospital personnel and police didn't buy his story, because how else would a 6 foot 2 inch 230 pound man get hammered off his a**?

Turns out the man was indeed telling the truth as he suffered from something called Auto-Brewery Syndrome, also known as Gut Fermentation Syndrome. Eventually, it was discovered that there was Saccharomyces cerevisiae (also known as brewer’s yeast) in the man’s stomach.

Glass of beer

According to the report, he had received antibiotic therapy (cephalexin) after suffering a traumatic thumb injury and for the next six years suffered from unexplained bouts of depression, “brain fog” and aggressive behavior.

After being treated with lorazepam and fluoxetine by his primary care physician and still not feeling relief, he was finally correctly diagnosed with Auto-Brewery Syndrome and treated with a combination of anti-fungal therapies and probiotics, which appears to have worked.

There is a happy ending to this story though. After years of having law enforcement, medical professionals and even his family believing that he was a lying closet-drinker... he is cured.

“We believe that our patient’s symptoms were triggered by exposure to antibiotics, which resulted in a change in his gastrointestinal microbiome allowing fungal overgrowth,” the study reads.

I'm not so sure this would be a bad thing, as long as you could work from home. Think about it.

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