Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon Have A 'Songversation'


You have to admit it. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are two of everyone's favorite celeb BFFs.

They've been funny together for years and it just keeps on going. Even including this bizarre 'songversation' they had.

I mean, what's really happening here? Not even sure, but they really nailed it.

And if you, like me, were wondering how on earth they managed to sing perfectly together through the entire bit... well, the bloopers might help you understand a little better.


Jimmy and Justin! They're just like my BFF and I when we're being dumb together and can't stop laughing!

Justin ALSO granted Jimmy with the interview after his major Super Bowl Halftime Show and talked about how the tribute to Prince came to be.

And they also talk about the behind the scenes of this songversation:


Wait. Hanging out with JT and Jimmy with some gin and tonics would get them to basically behave like they do during songversation? I've never wanted to hang out with them more.

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