Jimmy Kimmel Really Doesn't Like Krystal From 'The Bachelor'


Beware: Spoilers ahead!!

Last night on The Bachelor we say BUH BYEEEE to this season's greatest villain, Krystal.

A lot of people strongly disliked her, a lot of people loved to hate her, and I'm sure there were a lot of people who also loved her!

I was kind of on the fence about her the entire time she was on the season. Like yeah the other girls in the house didn't like her because she was SO certain about she and Arie's relationship and would with hold information from them!

But I kind of understood the game she played, like obviously she wasn't going to give all the information of her personal date with the guy they were allll dating.

But some people just didn't like her because she was... "annoying" and Jimmy Kimmel is one of those people.


Actually, it doesn't seem like Krystal herself was the major issue Jimmy had... it was the noises she makes. And the 'byeeeeee' she gives every single time she leaves the room.

Sorry, Krystal, but I think people are pretty happy to see you go! Now there's a whole lot less drama and a whole lot more rooooomance on the show.

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