Shannon Purser From 'Stranger Things' Got The Best Note On Her Coffee Cup


Do you remember Barb from Stranger Things?

Well, if you don't then you need to go and rewatch the series because Shannon Purser who plays Barb may not have been in ALL the episodes, but she certain will never be forgotten by fans of the sci-fi series.

Even to this day, months after season 2 arrived on Netflix, fans are still calling for "justice" for Barb. 

Take this Starbucks barista, for example.


All Shannon was doing was hanging out at a Starbucks and BAM, Stranger Things fans are everywhere.

And this barista tweeted about seeing Shannon at her store:


And it seems @neatokiddo was the one who wrote the note on Shannon's cup because of their response to Shannon's photo:


And of course the people of the internet couldn't handle this moment:


And then there was this response about Starbucks and their infamous name spelling...


And of course, people who are still really caught up in Bob's fate (and Shannon totally agrees)


Hopefully Shannon can keep on living her life without constantly being bombarded about the fate of Barb, but for now #JusticeForBarb

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