Twitter Users Are Sharing Why They're Single Ahead Of Valentine's Day

Likely without meaning to, Jimmy Fallon created a monster on Twitter when he asked people to share the reason they're single this Valentine's Day.


Well, when he asked people to share their reasons, things got brutally honest.

People did NOT hold back.

I mean, wouldn't you leave too if your boyfriend told you to 'fix your attitude'? Like, okay bye.


Or, you know, over differences in the household. It's hard to stay together during major sporting events.


And these people who got real honest about their issues...


And this solution to not feeling so single when everyone else is together... actually ends up hurting your chances at love.


There's also these very, very legitimate reasons:


And, last but not least, this person who has their priorities straight:


It's okay guys! You will all find THE one. It just takes tiiiime.

And maybe choosing to leave the house, share your food, and not have a fake boyfriend.

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