Owning A Pet Appears To Be Linked To Your Professional Success


Let's be real - having a pet is a big responsibility! And if you are someone who is really busy with work or not sure if you're ready for it, people will definitely discourage you from getting a pet who needs a lot of attention. 

BUT a new survey is saying that owning a pet might actually be linked to higher professional success!

Banfield Pet Hospital conducted the survey to look for a link between pet ownership and professional success and it actually appears that there is a correlation!

93% of the CEOs and CFOs surveyed grew up with a pet and from those who grew up with a pet, 78 percent said their childhood pet helped prepare them for career success, and further 24 percent agreed that their childhood pet taught them more about leadership, responsibility and empathy than their first internship.

I mean, I guess I see the correlation - if you grew up being responsible for something else, then you have a greater understanding of taking care of things and making sure everything is handled in a timely manner.

We grew up with all kinds of pets, but I never really thought about whether or not that affected my career... but I guess you could say it did in some ways! It certainly helped me when I got dogs of my own.

And there's MORE from the survey:

 77 percent of the executives surveyed said that they come up with business ideas while walking their dog, 86 percent said that having a pet now helped them stick to a routine, practice better time management and succeed at multi-tasking and 93 percent said their pets help reduce stress and relax at the end of the day.

I totally get that!

I guess I should go home and give my dogs Dakota and Gypsy a little extra cuddle today, then!

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