Halsey Gets Real About Those Pregnancy Rumors

FX's "American Horror Story" 100th Episode Celebration - Arrivals

FX's "American Horror Story" 100th Episode Celebration - Arrivals

Ah, another day, another celebrity pregnancy rumor.

But this time, it is NOT going to fly.

After paparazzi photos of Halsey and her new boyfriend Evan Peters hit the internet with Evan's hand on Halsey's stomach, people lost their minds and circulated the rumor that the pair MUST be expecting together.

First of all, if they were, it's really none of our business until they chose to tell us about it. And second of all, they're not. And it's just a moment caught on camera that had NO context.

Of course Halsey, who is known for being outspoken online, had something to say about the photo, immediately making it very clear that she was NOT pregnant. And that she just likes pancakes. Sorry to all those people hoping for a little Halsey to be running around sometime soon.

Halsey didn't leave her comments just at those two tweets either, which poked fun at the whole thing while making it abundantly clear she was not expecting.

She then followed up with a message about how it is incredibly insensitive to speculate celebrities - or anyone - are pregnant. As I know, and as many of you know, pregnancy is definitely not something to joke around about.

After commenting on how many women struggle with fertility she wrote, "either way it seems really inappropriate to target someone and speculate about something so precious and personal."

And it's SO true. I know it's the natural thing to wonder if a celebrity who has been married for a while is pregnant, or the minute someone's body looks different we wonder. But... I've been on the other side of those questions. And it ultimately isn't anyone's business.

If/when the day comes that Halsey is pregnant, she will likely let everyone in on the secret in due time. For now, it's probably just pancakes. Calm down.

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