This Is The Word Of The Year, According To

As another year comes to an end, we start looking back at everything that happened in the past 12 months. It's hard to believe this year is already coming to a close, but alas, it is.

And is rounding up the year by naming what the 2019 Word of the Year is.

The site shared the big announcement on their Instagram page in form of an Instagram TV video, because, this stuff is very serious.

The video announces that existential is the word of the year! And in the video, shows other people sharing what the meaning of the word means to them:

The definition of the word is: adjective. of or relating to existence.

Sadly, the word really represents the fears and concerns people have about society. So it being the word of the year is less exciting and more a wake up call to what our world looks like right now.

While we saw the word "existential" pop up a lot when major historical and tragic moments happened this year, it also popped up when Forky, from Toy Story 4 had his own existential crisis. Which makes sense that kids watching the movie may not have fully understood what the word means and needed help defining it.

The online dictionary has been featuring a "word of the year" since 2010 and say they use data collected search traffic, among other statistics, to choose. So the word really does represent the year we have experienced!

Let's hope that maybe next year the word will be a little more uplifting??

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