The Truth About That Viral Broom Challenge

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You know yesterday when you got on Instagram and the only thing you could see was people trying to stand up their brooms?

Yep, yesterday was the big day where everyone thought something was going on with the gravitational pull of the earth that allowed brooms to stand upright if you tried propping them up.

Celebs got in on the fun too, and Chrissy Teigen was tweeting all about the challenge, including accidentally making people upset when she asked them NOT to send her photos of their brooms standing up.

First she started off with a tweet about what was going on with Twitter and said what we all were thinking: a lot of brooms.

And then when people asked her to do the challenge, she wanted to remind people that Thai brooms cannot stand!

But then people were bummed out when she tweeted this:

She later tweeted that she was sorry for crushing people's dreams and allowed people to resume sending her photos of their brooms:

But I hate to make people upset... but... she has a point.

Because the broom challenge actually isn't specific to yesterday, February 10th, as everyone seems to believe.

I have bad news for people who were amazed by the broom challenge - it's an old viral challenge that has been around since 2012.

It resurfaced yesterday when people claimed that NASA said February 10th was the only day that this would work. In reality, the broom challenge can be done on any day, at any time, and has nothing to do with the gravitational pull of the earth at all.

You just have to find a broom with a flat enough bottom and... you're good to go. Soooorry to burst that bubble for you! If you get the broom's bristles to line up just right, it will stay standing!

Is it still fun to try out? Of course. Will it still resurface again in a couple years? It's likely. Did you try it out??

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