Without Live Sports, Sportscasters Are Narrating Everyday Activities

Sports Reporters Adapt To Changing Times Due to COVID-19

Imagine if your job and passion was sports, and talking about sports, and watching sports... and then sports were just cancelled because of the coronavirus which left you out of a job at the moment, out of things to watch and, really, without a hobby.

For sportscasters around the country, or really around the world, that's exactly what happened.

While so many people are losing their jobs and are in a time of hardship right now, many sportscasters are just trying to have a little fun on the internet during a clearly stressful time. While they cannot narrate live sports, they CAN narrate everyday activities. And the videos being posted to Twitter by sportscasters like Josh Lewin, Mike Bagley, and Nick Heath are absolutely hilarious.

Josh is using the hashtag "#PlayByPlayOfAnythingAtAll" and shared this hilarious video narrating a video of dinner being made:

Josh also invited his followers to use the hashtag to film similar videos with commentary as a fun way to pass the time on the internet.

Sportscaster Nick Heath chose to narrate someone crossing the street (like they said, guys, narrate anything AT ALL!)

Mike Bagley then used his experience with motorsports commentary to narrate some zooming dogs chasing each other around a pool in a yard. And yes, there is one collision on the course!

Several other of these sportscasters videos have gone viral since the coronavirus outbreak. Like, the narration of a cabinet of soup:

Or, of course, this piece called "taquito."

And of course fans joined in on the fun with some videos narrating the most ridiculous things like... lighting a candle.

Ah, the things we are all doing to keep ourselves entertained and focusing on as much good as possible. For me, I love watching these funny videos so I'm not ONLY consuming the news. It's definitely important to watch anything that makes you happy right now!

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